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For us, ‘enduring value’ means future proofing your assets through responsible investment in our cities and communities.


We know that maximizing your investment requires a healthy and opportunity-rich market.  When we create social value through the built environment, we all win.

At CIVITAS, we’re committed to promoting social change and advancing economic prosperity by assembling a diverse team of world-class experts and advisors for your project.

We are active stakeholders, advisors, and board members of the organizations that are essential to the flourishing

of our community and industry. We forge deep connections, living, working, and engaging in the communities we serve.

We're focused on attracting and mentoring industry leaders. Our team is ambitious, inclusive, intelligent, and kind. We nurture our people, celebrate success, and recognize the power of teamwork.

Boys Girls Clubs
Dance Theater Harlem
DC Central Kitchen
Durant Family
Washington Ballet
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We’re uniquely focused on the urban landscape. Our distinctive viewpoints and intimate market knowledge enable us to see and discover outstanding opportunities that frequently escape other brokerage firms.